Devil in a Coma - A Memoir £30

Rough Trade exclusive limited to 500 copies

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This just arrived. No bookplate!

I have not seen a copy of Devil in a Coma that does have a bookplate.  I don’t believe there are any.

Here is mine:

Unbelievably, this is back in stock at Coles, albeit at the increased price of £29.  Must be a warehouse find.

This just came back in stock at RT is anyone still wants it. With or without the art print.

FYI, word got out, 

Coles Books sold out, both Rough Trade versions gone as well

Roughtrade UK just cancelled my Order, so this is for Anybody that ordered these from them Last Week !

I'm done with Roughtrade UK since the website upgrade they have gone terrible!

I find it highly unlikely that any further signed copies would become available to RT (or any other retailer) at this point.  This was obviously a website error.  They probably restocked on the standard edition and, whatever changes were made, it appeared like they’d restocked on the signed edition as well.

I feel the same.. for someone who died last February to come back in stock, id assume it was an error or at most just a few copies available. there's no way Id stop buying from Rough Trade over this

Not this book, but my hardback of Sing Backwards and Weep arrived today,

it's still available on

Nice signature! I have this book signed. Amazing read btw.



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