Thought some might like this. I understand it’s not music.

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Thanks ! I like it. And bought it ! Now if you wan to add musical flavour to your post, from the same B&N:




They won't ship to UK or Europe because of Covid. WTF is that about?

Intenational deliveries have been a disaster the past few months. They probably just don't want to deal with it.

B&N has stopped shipping outside the US since years!

They stopped shipping to EU countries when the GDPR data rules came in to force stating they would no longer able to support accounts for EU residents.

I received a copy of Jim Carrey's book last week from B&N (ordered 27 Feb 2020). Unfortunately UK isn't part of the EU these days.

Actually that book got delayed until July so that’s why it took a LONG time for those who pre-ordered. The Las minute orders got bookplates while the early ones got actual signed pages.

Besides you got Waterstones, which gets exclusive stuff like Michael J Fox, which no one else offered signed copies in the US (so far)

If anyone finds another autographed copy of his book on sale please post it here. There are certain virtual events where you can purchase a livestreaming+book ticket and the first 300 or 600 will receive a signed bookplate at a later date - however it's not guaranteed and it's quite pricey.

Thanks! I don't actively follow these online events, but maybe I should now that we're mostly staying at home. Was just in time for a ticket too!

I just ordered a ticket and it says that signed books are only for the first 600 people. I hope that I qualified. Last, has anyone received a signed copy of the book from the publisher ?  

My pre-order from Barnes N Noble arrives (per my tracking) Friday



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