mysterious punk rock band Max Creeps offers signed options in their shop. Seems like Duff McKagan might be one of their members. Worth a shot maybe…

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Did you buy both?

Yeah.. I figured, if im going to buy, might as well go all in and get both versions 

Same. I got both. 

This is going to be so interesting.. good luck to all of us who purchased..

I'm trying to dig deeper.. there is an hour long podcast recorded at the end of April. Im half way thru it now.. Supposedly PCBulls*** tried a publicity stunt of his own and ended up in the hospital. The next time we see him he will have casts on his arms and legs. He was also mistaken for Max Blastics dog at one time because he would wear a dog collar.. I also found out from an article today that their "media guy" is named TJ MAX... 

Take it for whatever thats worth.. just keeping you all updated as best as I can

New song just released.. i normally wouldn't post a link to music but this is a special case. Im still searching for clues

Their tour dates are something else, too. They claim to be kicking off in Pioneertown, CA on June 3. That's a ghost town with Old West attractions... from what I can tell, nothing is there to accommodate a rock show.

The tour routing is ridiculous and doesn't provide any off-dates for the month-long series of dates.

It's clearly part of the "joke", those tourdates are simply impossible.

Some people take the tour dates as true fact and are arguing that Duff cannot be involved since it coincides with GnR tour dates, so the joke worked.

I'm trying to figure out if there's a clue hidden within the tour locations, but I'm not that well versed in US cities and concert history so it takes a little research. For example, some say BJA and Duff McKagan are involved. Both of them have performed in Pioneertown. Maybe all of these places can be linked.

About Pioneertown, Pappy & Harriet's have hosted quite a lot of big names like Paul McCartney, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age as well as projects from Billie Corgan, Duff McKagan, Billie Joe Armstrong.

Interesting! The plot thickens. 

Found this picture online. It's not a great image of the autographs, but the top one bears resemblance to BJA, don't you agree?

The bottom one looks to be from the persona Max Blastic who I think is Duff McKagan.

I agree with you. It is the most likely outcome. Before the release of the new song, I had a theory that everything they released is fake so far. I thought they possibly created fake music as a decoy using real song names from the album and once the real album is released, we would all be blown away by real music. Im abandoning that theory now but will still continue to look for clues. We will know soon enough 

Jor-El, I'm not sure about that. I see PC Bulls*** and Max Blastic written.. PC could be written by anyone. I dont think its BJA's handwriting. Looking close,, it could be, but the angle is off.. i really hope this is another possible decoy and they will arrive signed different. Otherwise we will all have to come together like a forensic team and compare the handwriting to signatures of everyone that has been involved.. 


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