Megadeth - Dave Mustaine - The Sick, The Dying... The Dead - with signature

They finally figured it out and limited it to 2 for us non flippers who don't have 17 other addresses to ship to.

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Interesting. Im a huge Megadeth fan. I have their Cryptic Writings cd signed by both Daves, Menza and Friedman.. Im not going to top that. Also have a few other Megadeth items.. I really want this one too but am I just hoarding at this point? Lol. Im glad there seems to be a real limit now. Ill have a little bit of time to think about this one. Mustaine is a legend but he isn't exactly a tough autograph to get

Thanks for posting

Why not just buy it? It's only $14 so even unsigned ones aren't going to be much cheaper. The new song 'We'll Be Back: Chapter One" rips. One of the best songs in the last 10/15 years worth of albums. I like them all but some of it was getting a little repetitive. This one sounds fresh and I imagine with the amount of time spent on it (a couple years) the majority of the album will be just as killer.

Your right.. im hesitating because I'm really trying hard to curb my spending but its not working out so great haha.. just bought 2.. I definitely won't regret this.

Thank you

Thanks went to Download UK and easily one of the highlights 

Thanks for posting. Love these guys, Grabbed one for the collection.

What's with the "with signature" wording?

Originally I had it as a signed CD and then changed it because I noticed the way they worded it and I really am not sure what we will get. I didn't want to mislead anyone so I wrote it that way they had it advertised. Either way you aren't paying any extra for the autograph so whatever you get you're just gonna have to live with it.

Yeah, I saw that on their website and it's not the wording typically used by them, so I was wondering exactly what that means.

No clue but best scenario a signed cover and probably the worst is those tiny art cards like you got with the Kiss CD. Not worried about anything fake though. I think Dave actually like signing stuff. I have a bunch of different signed items of the different line ups of the band over the years. Dave even came out after a show at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids and signed until the last person got theirs done.

He's hit or miss. Got a nice private meet and greet with him when he did the Hendrix Experience tour. 

Do we know who is signing these? Whole band?


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