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I used to think that this Meryl Streep is real and - honestly - still do. But I learned that the source I bought it from has a mixed bag. 

What do you think? Thanks for your help!

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Not real...it even starts with the "M" with a line being drawn vertically to start off and then carefully rendered thereafter. 

plus one

Eienne, Michelle - thanks to you both for helping me!

Is there anything besides the M that irritates you in the sig? Because the vertical stroke may be caused by something lying underneath the card or by hectic in the signing situation, I think.

not signed by meryl. they did not even try to come close to her autograph


IMHO I am not a fan of the "M', I show my only exemplar with that "M"in my library. Since no one wants to show their homework. My inscription "80's" autograph is different (not shown). That being said, there are a lot of similarities in my library and items I own in my of 40+ years that have familiar ink. I have always said "it is about the ink". I think KaiMi's autograph might be a early example, show me what you own, or your early exemplars, and change my mind.

Thanks, David, for your time and helpfulness and for sharing your piece! I've shown my piece to Markus Brandes meanwhile and he believes it to be authentic. Your pic shows why he came to that conclusion, the M notwithstanding.

By the way, here are two JSA certified examples that also start the M with a vertical drawn line. So that in itself doesn't seems to be off. Nevertheless the M in my piece is quite unfortunate, of course. It seems to be a mixture of the piece David is showing (starting with a downwards stroke) and these ones (starting with a vertical stroke). But that might happen, as long as the rest is fitting.



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