I just find this letter handwritten and signed by Michael Jackson. 

What do you think real or not ?


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It is actually real, how did you find it? 

Marcelo...is this for sale?  I am interested in buying this. 

Yes for sale . It's an french collector who sell it for 1000 euros .

Where is it?

In France 


If this has not been coated or laminated I want to buy this 

It is definitely laminated.

It can easily be seen in the sheen and you can see the border of the laminate on either side

very cool find.

It looks like 3 separately different written notes on one page and done at different times.

Why so many initials? Maybe PS's written as after thoughts?

You can see the flexes in the sheet though.

I imagine that at the time he flex the sheet the only visual face of the sheet its where the initials are.

I think it’s definitely Michael Jackson, but make sure it’s original. Especially since it seems possibly coated. 

Regarding the laminated look, that is something that needs to be taken into account, and dramatically reduces the value, but at the right price a piece like this is desirable. 

One thing to watch out for in all cases but especially ones like this is if the lamination actually has the image printed on it and it’s adhered to the paper. There are many processes the forgery industry is using to defraud buyers. 

I think the letter is in a removable plastic sleeve. here is another picture of the ad.

Attachments: No photo uploads here


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