Michael Jackson threw this poster out of a car in 1996 in Budapest. Do you think he signed this poster? Is this autograph real? Thanks! 

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I agree with Michael. I would have thrown it out, too. Definitely not real IMO.

I'm sorry. Regardless, this is a beautiful memory!

I'm sorry...is it yours? I thought it was someone else trying to sell it as real.

Yes! :) At the Budapest airport, he threw out several posters from a car, and I caught one of them.

I'm sorry. I'm so used to people being scammed with stories like these.

The autograph can be real
If Michael really hastily signed it, it can look like this. 
Here is an example from rrauction, it looks a littlebit similar.
BUT I have a question for you criceto, if you got it from Him personally, why are you asking if it's real ?


Looks like a common forgery style to me. A really bad one.

I didn’t see it when he signed the poster. He just threw the poster out of the car.

Without your story, the autograph doesnt stand on its own. Which is to say it has little to no real value unless someone “buys” the story and ignores what the autograph looks like.

Not trying to be rude, but can you prove the event with photos or video? 

Unfortunately no photos or videos!

The photo on the left of the "two" is a John Brennan IP just to give context to that one. 

These are John Brennan ip's that recently went up for sale (ugly as they may be, to me they are just ugly rushed sigs.)  As for the poster, Its ugly.  But I won't venture to offer an opinion.  It isn't a typical signature and looks almost too formed to me - and not just ugly. 

Exactly they look really ugly, I agree with you.
But you can think I'm crazy, but these 5 pictures you posted Wascher, for me they have something from Michael Jackson his handwriting.
Hectic quick signature.
But who knows....


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