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Hello, I need your opinion on these MJ autographs, thanks in advance, they come from a fan so I'm suspicious ...

From what I can see of the first one it is not real, and the second one is also not real in my opinion.

Agreed. both look no good 

ok thanks friends :(

Hello, the seller sent a photo of him with Micheal !!! these are false malgres that? Thank you

The autographs definitely weren't signed by MJ in my opinion. The photos don't matter.

I managed to pinpoint when these photos took place for reference. These photographs were shot on March 19, 1996 in Paris, France. 

In my opinion, I believe the above Michael Jackson signatures are Not Genuine. If you notice in the included photographs with MJ, he has a black sharpie in his hand. Only one out of the two items is signed in black ink. Who carries two different colored sharpies on them? Michael is always in a rush, let alone getting two items signed in two different ink colors. I can’t see that being a scenario.

Also, I can’t confirm without seeing the entire Thriller CD, but I believe the above signed Thriller CD booklet is from the 2001 Michael Jackson Thriller Special Edition booklet. Which if true, makes the photographs completely disassociated to the signatures on both items. 

no good on either of these 

Both are definitely not authentic.


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