I picked up several MJ signed photos a few years ago and had them personally authenticated by PSA/DNA but I know Wascher and Prashant are among the best out there. With this in mind, are you comfortable that this is an authentic MJ?

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At first impression it looks good, but I'm just waiting for Wascher to come here and take me down a peg or two.  He's the best Ive seen for MJ autographs.

Actually, “She’s the best”.

I believe this is in the same style as the ones that PAAS authenticated and the community agreed that it appeared questionable. I could very well be wrong. Maybe someone else can chime in on this? 

Not one I would buy or sell. It doesnt have anything in common with what I recognize as authentic MJ.

Ouch. Not what I wanted to hear.  How about this one? Sorry about the glare 

Its a no go for me, sorry.

Strike Three?

Not for me, I’m afraid. I speak for myself - See what others say?

When I initially saw some of these about 9 yrs ago I thought they were ok, mainly because major authenticators were passing them,  and they look to have decent "speed".

I no longer believe they are legit.  Unfortunately

Thank you for weighing in with your very valued opinion, Wascher.  Unfortunately, it is these type of experiences that make me want to abandon the hobby.

Its not all doom and gloom, Daniel.

1. Use price and sellers other items to weed out obvious fakes. Ive said it before elsewhere, and Ill say it again here - an inexperienced collector is not going to stumble across authentic MJ priced under $500 - it will be LONG gone by collectors who know what theyre looking for by the time you send an email for someone elses opinion.

2. Take some time and actually study MJs autograph. Have you done this? Theres a zillion in discussions on this website alone. Look at them. STUDY them. Im not talking about a casual glance here. See how the letters are formed and shaped. There are commonalities to be found. This is the bread and butter of collecting!

Sincerely, chopped liver

Not exactly new to this and even a pro like Wascher thought these were good about the time these were acquired. Additionally, they passed PSA who despite the respected opinion of some here, carries significant weight in the market.

It is just that short of witnessed signatures, the general market cannot confidently acquire autographs.  This uncertainty in the market requires a risk premium and as such lowers market prices and it isn’t likely to get better.

I am not an expert but I generally go through proper due diligence before acquiring something that I consider to be a good investment.  I am a retired econometrician and as such, feel I have a good understanding of market dynamics. The combination of high transaction costs (buyers premiums and consignment costs), the evolving interests of future generations replacing the passion of baby boomers and significant risk premium associated with the cost of uncertainty, lead me to believe that the outlook of the hobby is cloudy at best.

I greatly respect the opinions here and believe your voices help alleviate some of this market distress.  Many of you are all about doing the right thing and because of this integrity, I hold you in the highest regard.



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