I'm interested in buying this signed book but I have been burned before by MJ signatures.  Do members think this signature is authentic?


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Hmm, im doubtful, i wouldnt touch it. I dont like the "Mic" . Between "i" and "c" of 'Michael' it looks like a "u" and i dont trust it. I could be wrong but this type of Michaels signature are the most difficult for me.
By the way, Where did you found this?
Lets wait for others....

I think it's real. Hopefully Wascher will give her opinion.

Not authentic in my opinion . Not MJ typical autograph.

Reminds me of ones that come from a seller who has gone by names tallerinmoreways2009, disturbia_rihanna2009, kingofdaclub, mjjcollectionbay and a few other names.... from the UK. 

I"m that far off on that one, huh? I haven't been keeping up with MJ enough.

Thanks everyone.

This item is scheduled for sale by RRAuctions shortly.  Generally I trust their reputation but this time I will give it a miss.

It's a pity because I would really like to have a signed copy of this book!


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