Lately, there seems to be a lot of Michael Jackson signed sketches/drawings showing up.

It is so difficult to determine if they are authentic unless you know the whole story.

Can people let me know their thoughts on the following?

I would like to also expand this discussion to the story behind Michael Jackson and his signed drawings.  If you have any real examples, please post them.

Look forward to hearing what others have to say.

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I don't know much about MJs sketches, but I think the autograph is likely genuine. One thing I noticed that concerns me is how much darker the signature is. 

Please post the image in this discussion, BTW.


I attached the images.


Unless he drew this when he was much younger and signed it when he was older, it doesn't look like his style of drawing AT all.  Love the provenance---you think they'd do better than this: "from a family member close to Michael Jackson"  almost reads like the tabloids!

Here is another thread from April on some of Michael's art, in case you had not seen this one Prashant.

Per Steve's request, here are the images:



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