Michael Jackson signed Thriller Album - What do you think?

Hi Friends,

I am planning to buy this MJ Thriller album. How do you think on the authenticity of this item?



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Looks good to me.

100% genuine !! Good exemplar ;)

Thanks Wascher / Marcelo,

I have already bought it a moment ago at reasonable price. Finally I can get it after waiting for 3 years.

Congratulations, Kit! Nice find.

Thanks James, I found this Thriller album on Ebay starting bid with reserved price. So i contacted the seller and fortunately he accepted my offer at $750. I am now still looking for Bad album with reasonable price, do you also plan to buy the Bad album? 

Hi Paul, 

James's lp is at below pic. 

When you first posted the album I looked twice, because I thought it was his.

You got a great price, Kit. Just in the last couple of weeks eBay, I have seen a Michael Jackson signed PSA 8x10 photo sell for $1200 and another one sell for $1500 with PSA. A Thriller album is worth much more than a signed photo. A person is lucky to get a signed Thriller LP for as low as $2000. Looking at RR Auction, I think they usually go for $2500-$3000.

As for a Bad album, I probably won't be buying one anytime soon.

Thanks for your information, James. 



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