On December 2, Julien's Auctions is selling The Collection of Tompkins and Bush. The collection contains 465 lots of Michael Jackson memorabilia, 287 of them autographed.

Michael Bush and the late Dennis Tompkins were Michael Jackson's costume designers for 25 years, during Jackson's most successful period. They were the consignors of the signed Thriller jacket that Julien's sold for $1,800,000 in June 2011.

Almost all of the autographs in the Tompkins and Bush sale are a variation I'm not familiar with. I've only been looking at Jackson's autograph for a few years, though, and we have members here who have collected him for decades, so I'd appreciate your input and exemplars.

If you know Michael Jackson's autograph well, please look at a few images below from the auction and let me know what you think. Even better, browse the auction and upload any similar examples you have: http://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/77/

Julien's is the world's premier auction house for Michael Jackson memorabilia, so they would know his autograph better than most of us. I'm just surprised I haven't seen this style before.

Thanks for your help.

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 I contacted him and I didn´t choose to deal with Julien´s myself. I´m still waiting for something to go forward. He asked me if I could make a payment though and I can´t as it is now. I had to borrow the money to pay for the item. As it is now I have given up. I tried one last time to write directly to Darren but once again I got ignored.

I asked Taaj to post the info here again - hopefully to get more people to respond Veronica.  With only a few people writing to him it would not be worth his while to do the case. 

I do believe Jams Arbitration needs to be done first though - if I understood Steve right.  Steve.... can you please pretty please explain Jams.  I don't think we ever did go through that process.

Veronica, the attorney asked you for payment? WHAT? Of how much? For what? Please reply asap.

 " Would you be willing to pay a portion of the court filing
fees if a lawsuit becomes necessary?

 That is what he asked. I don´t know how much money that is so I had to say no. I can´t say yes to do a payment when I have no idea how much it can be in the end.

Taaj is at a hearing on another MJ issue today, so I'll go ahead and answer for her since I did see the letters from the attorneys. 

Basically there will be little to no pre-trial costs depending on the amount of claims that come in.  There is also the possibility of settling before litigation even begins.  I guess my question to him would have been--how much are the costs. 

I am still hoping to hear more about Jams however, as I believe when you bought from the auction you agreed to go thru Jams Arbitration should a problem arise with your purchase.  This is the website for Jams.   http://www.jamsadr.com/ 

Below is a genuine example of Michael's known handwriting. It was written to Michael's sister-in-law Dee Dee (Tito's wife). In the note, Michael begs Dee Dee to read an article on molestation to Taj who was molested by a family member on Dee Dee's side of the family. Michael's nephew, Taj, posted this note on Twitter today to debunk Wade Robson's claims that he was molested by Michael. 

Painfully ironic, Michael wrote that before he was EVER accused of child molestation back in 1993. Sad sad sad.
His own nephew Taj was molested by someone other than him and he was there for him, yet he was accused nearly his whole life of being a molester.

That freak Diamond Diamond tried to say this note proves Michael was a child molester and he was trying to warn his own family about himself. Totally twisted.

Michael could have said publicly he wrote this regarding his nephew who was molested by his sister-in-law's family, but he never did so to support/protect his nephew Taj from revealing he was molested before he was ready to do so.
This whole molestation allegation is so sickening. Who in their right mind would want to believe Robson after he supported Michael all these years and then comes out after he has died and can't put himself in a position to defend himself (MJ)? The timing of it with the suit against AEG is beyond coincidental. And in just a few weeks michael jackson one will debut. Just tragic and pathetic at the same time.


This is my signed black fedora from Michael Jackson. It has a very nice signature in gold and looks from the end of the 80's. What do you guys think of this?

Attachments: No photo uploads here
Does the fedora have MICHAEL JACKSON in metallic print inside the hat?
Michael's hats were made specifically for him with his name embossed inside.

Signature looks suspect to me honestly, but if from the 80's there is more leeway for variation from what we know his signature to be in later years as it became more "routine".

Here are pictures of the inside of the fedora and also a picture of Michael Jackson's signature in his Moonwalker book. You will see that the signature in the book Moonwalker and the signature on my fedora are simular. I also asked Roger Epperson to take a look at the signature on my fedora and he said it was authentic



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