Michael Jackson Specially Signed HIStory CD Booklet — Have You Seen One Before?

Someone emailed me a week ago with the following message:

"We ordered the cd "Michael Jackson" History many years ago.  Upon arrival, the CD booklet had a note stating the booklet was personally autographed by Michael Jackson.  I attached copies of the signature for your expert opinion

Images were attached, including one with a printed card the owner got with it that says:

"This CD booklet was personally autographed by Michael Jackson while on the set of the "Scream" short film. He wanted to sign many, many more, but with his very busy schedule, he was able to sign just a few.

"We hope you enjoy the surprise! Please call us so we know you received it! Ask for Joy at 1-800-737-4325. And thank you for being part of HIStory!"

The autograph looks absolutely real to me, although a bit unusual for 1995. Another person who knows Michael Jackson's autograph well agrees with me.

A couple of people who also know MJ well aren't as confident as I am. 

But here's the thing: no one I talked to has ever seen one of these before or heard of the note, and I searched for a half hour and couldn't find any online.

Have you ever seen one or heard of these?

What do you think about the autograph?

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Well it is real. And as the description says, looks a little bit off comparing the signature and year... 

I would say this looks like a 1980-1988 MJ autograph and not a 1995 one. It is real anyways.

Thanks, Jose. Have you seen anything like it before?

The owner want sell it ?

At some point. Right now the focus is on investigating. 

Thanks Marcello. Can’t get a good enough view of that autograph to tell if it’s real.

I will ask the seller for more photos. I had read an article that spoke about a series of autographs signed in very limited copies in booklet History. The card that accompanies this autograph leaves me with no doubt about the authenticity of this autograph, it is incredible.

It’s one of the nicest MJs I’ve seen. Do you recall where are article ran, and when? You’re the only one I know who’s heard of it. Thanks, Marcelo..

I will do some research to find this article. 3-4 years ago, an autograph of this series was on sale on ebay signed on the same page of the booklet and with the same story. I'll let you know as soon as I have news

Thank you Marcelo!

Have you found it yet?

By the way, still waiting for your answer here: https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/michael-jackson-sig...

I know it has been 3 years since the original discussion but I thought you might be interested in looking at this HIStory 3LP Box Set signed by Michael Jackson. It has not been authenticated but the visual evidence leaves little doubt that it is genuine. Attachment 3A.jpg shows the plastic protective sleeve lowered a little to show where some of the gold ink from the signature has transferred to the inside of the plastic (presumable the plastic sleeve was replaced over the book before the signature was completely dry). This item may be unique as I have searched and cannot find another example of a MJ signed HIStory 3LP Box Set. It is unfortunate (in this instance) that I am located in Australia and I have no way of having the signature authenticated by an accredited MJ organization here.


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