Hey guys, 

New member here . . . I wanted to get opinions regarding my Michael Jordan signed jersey I received for my college graduation years ago. I am a huge MJ fan and have researched myself in regards to it's authenticity, but have always had that sinking feeling in my stomach that it is not authentic. 

I was fortunate enough to obtain Steve Stipe's email (former Upper Deck authenticator and Global Authentic's authenticator) and he actually got back to me after looking at my jersey and said it was authentic. That has eased my apprehension over the years, but given the GAI reputation it is hard not to take his email like a grain of salt. 

I believe it is authentic and more of a rushed-golf signature as mentioned on this thread than a UDA signature, but again who am I to judge?

Your opinions are greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

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This is fake.  Be very careful with Global COAs.  They have authenticated many fakes.

If you’re not an authorized authenticator then I don’t believe you’re expertise either. I do appreciate your input, however. Thank you. 

Generally speaking, nonsense.


It would be a mistake to think that only "authorized authenticators" (who all can make mistakes like anyone else) are capable of making valid observations, assessments and even effecting changes in what is considered authentic. I have never used a TPA nor do I recommend or sell material with vandalistic free-loading advertisements (stickers) on them. I do my own authentication. Global is a problem BTW. Try the search engine here for Global and Stipe...

This is not authentic in my opinion. 

This is not real

I sense a trend...


I should have first welcomed you to our community before anything else.  I’m sure this must feel a bit like being baptized in a frying pan, but if you are an autograph collector, on any level, you will learn a lot and save a lot by paying attention to this site.  Good luck, and always remember that your gift-giver was probably very excited to get you something as special as a Michael Jordan signed jersey that he/she assumed was authentic.  You may obviously take the opinions here as you choose.





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