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Got one! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Got one in time. Sold out now.

I want a Stipe auto but can’t bring myself to buy this book

Realistically how many things is Stipe going to sign? None of the recent REM reissues have been available signed, it seems to pretty much be his books or nothing. And it's not like he's touring to get anything in person.

No kidding - that is one bipolar book. If I'm understanding these pictures correctly, the front cover is of Tilda Swinton, and Stipe's bookplate is on a page that's marked John Hurt?

It’s on a page at the front that looks like this 

Yeah too weird

I was in Hatchards in Piccadilly, London today and they had a couple copies of this on the shelf, if anyone is interested. I believe they do post out if need.

Also at Strand Bookshop New Yok - https://www.instagram.com/p/CoX1z_KvG0B/

Thank you for the post. I went to the Strand website and there were 2 options for the book. 1 was for $50 and the other was for $67 but neither stated signed in the description. Is there another link you could post or am I just reading the description wrong? Thank you again. 

I think you’re probably best just calling them. I happened to see stipe’s instagram post (I’m in the uk and already have it from Cole’s)



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