Hi!  Here is a Mick Jagger autograph I am eying for purchase.  I would like opinions from people here to evaluate the signature.  Cheers!

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Nice signature, fuller 'Mick' part to it, which he tends to rush and just puts 'M'. I got two fuller signed cards from him when he was at his then home in Richmond, UK back in 1999!

Big thank you Richard.

I would pay Roger Epperson 15 bucks to look at it.

Me too.


Thanks Eric

Thanks Ian, I will and I have used Roger last 3 times.

End Price: USD 203
Start Price: USD 20
End Date: 2013-01-05
Start Date: 2012-12-29

Auctioned at: ebay


Original U.S. green label pressing in great condition. Cover's in great shape, no splits, good spine, just showing a small amount of wear from normal, careful handling and age; 1/4" cutout slice at lower left.

EBAY APPROVED ONLINE CERTIFICATION FROM P.A.A.S. MICK JAGGER US PERFORMANCE SOUNDTRACK LP AUTOGRAPHED BY MICK JAGGER/ Via Scan: Likely to be genuine: Our authenticators believe that the item, if physically submitted to P.A.A.S. for examination, would likely receive our certificate of authenticity. * Please note that this on-line examination is based solely upon a scan. Thank you for your trust in P.A.A.S. Michael Frost. see link www.paasautographs.com This is one of five Rolling Stones-related autographed records I placed on auction with eBay beginning December 29, 2012. Here is the story of how I got these autographs:

On Friday, September 29, 1989, I was invited to attend a concert by The Rolling Stones at Sullivan Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts.

I was invited by a close friend who, at the time, was working for The Brockum Co. which fabricated all of the merchandise for the tour. He worked as the liaison between Brockum and the Stones (basically, working closely with Mick Jagger himself).

I was provided with an all-access pass and was present from sound-check through the performance. Over the course of the day, I met all five Rolling Stones. As show time approached, I was invited into the hospitality area where the band had gathered.

I began to hand them each a copy of one their solo albums from my collection asking for an autograph. The band began signing and as several of the albums were quite hard-to-find at the time, they began passing the albums to each other and making comments to each other. This is how the Birds EP got signed by mistake by Mick Jagger as well as Ronnie Wood.

(I will include a signed copy of the above statement as well as a printout of the e-mail for the P.A.A.S. online certification for provenance.)

Id wouldn't touch this Mick.

Do paas coa mean much in the hobby, I just remember Michael certifying a bunch of mj forgeries?

Thank you man

Don't like the graph or the placement.


Here's the previously mentioned signed Birds EP:




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