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Hi. I think real but i want know other opinions for the signature and for the handwritten on the letter.

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I think it’s likely authentic.  It’s either authentic or secretarial in my opinion.  I don’t think it’s an outright fake.  The Beatles had some secretarials.  Did Mick and the Stones also occasionally have a secretarial signer?  I don’t know.  But I’d still say likely authentic.

Yes fake not... but i never see  a J in Jagger like this... could be a secretarial !? I compared this for other hadwritten letter by Jagger and the graph is very similar... hard to say authentic or not...

Genuine, imo.

Hard to say authentic with a J like this...

I agree it's not a perfect example. With that said, I don't believe the "J" variance is enough to totally discount it. This would not be an expensive example so it's a judgement call. Over factors including provenance come into play.

Another problem, in 1965 Mick Jagger don't signed like this... i don't know... strange item maybe a secretarial...

Seems like if Jagger had a secretary signed on his behalf there would be a number of them out there to compare with. This seems like a more isolated example. Did Wyman sign Jagger signature without adding his own name and/or other members of the band? Seems there would be more examples of that as well. Just my thoughts.

Could be a Bill Wyman fake or...

Sounds like you've answered your own question. Your doubts = avoid this one.


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