Any thoughts on this Miley Cyrus Autograph? It looks good to me but her signature changes often so it is hard to tell. PSA said likely not genuine with the quick opinion service. I would love your thoughts on it.

Thank you!

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I met Miley Cyrus once for an interview. Here is the autograph 

This was in 2007. Don't know if her sig style has changed but these two look different.

Nice autograph, Michael T!

Michael, that is a nice example. You must have a great collection.

Thanks for sharing!

Is the letter for sale lol super nice 

I would have to do Could Not Determine on this one if you asked me.

Do you mind sharing the seller so I can look through everything they are offering?

I will attach two real samples for your reference, one is an authentic IP example that is rushed, from just a couple years ago. The second is a recent IP example with a legible version of her current variation, which you will often see looking far more sloppy.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The seller is darlingnessie3 on eBay. It seems to be a mixture of real and fake autographs the seller has a few other Miley items that have sold and some still available. The seller’s Britney Spears items are 100% fake.

I see what you mean, and I agree with you. Have you asked the seller (fan) if they recall where they purchased this Miley from originally?

I asked the seller if they knew the history of the item and they said they didn’t know.  I just asked where they lurches it from. The seller seems to know which ones are authentic and which aren’t. The fakes seem to be $30 and under and the reals are about $50+



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