Miranda Lambert signed Palomino CD

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Release Date: April 29, 2022


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I'm collecting Taylor for my daughter and that's what is pretty much keeping me going now. I dont get the hype for MGKelly and Florence.. passed on both as well as this one too, same for Missy Elliott and Weeknd. A few other "big names" I'm just not a fan of...  Max Creeps got me though. We will see how that turns out. Ive scored a few others this year I was waiting on. Now its just Meg Myers and Taylor Swift and I may take long breaks away from this forum and hit the gym with my awesome collection lol. I havent worked out regularly in a while. Im not heavy, just weak and tired. I need to have more energy for my daughter who is starting to ask for more outside playtime. So ill be spending less time on here soon. Im not sure if I can just pop in every once in a while. Ill see a big name and get drawn back in. This hobby is so addictive.

Absolutely +1. I've seen folks buying things that seem like a suprise bag, folks ordering things they never heard of, folks buying copies from every country in the hope of not getting an Autopen and more. I think I saw some attempts at figuring things out by working release dates and times into other things in some numerologist way. That is not collecting - it is some sort of frenzy to me. Some seems like an addiction.

guess I was lucky to get an un-smudged one.

I wish these would show up for sale somewhere else…I’d like to grab a few.

I contacted them and with a little prodding, they gave me a refund and let me keep the smudged autograph. I don't especially want it, but at least they stood behind it.

Still haven’t received my CD. Went through customs and has disappeared since then…

Received mine 


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