Miranda Lambert signed Palomino CD

From Sanity


Release Date: April 29, 2022


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When did you order one? Just asking because they are sold out and they are only selling the unsigned CDs right now.

Hello Landon. I enjoy your posts. I ordered during my lunch break around 1:00pm CST USA. 

Ive used Sanity before.  I think Marin Morris CD.  No problems

just got an email that they are cutting orders back to 1, I wonder if they did that to everyone or just me since I wrote and told them I accidentally ordered 3 instead of 2, at least they didn't cancel the whole order I guess.  

My order was also cut back to 1

Mine arrived today smudged. I emailed asking for a replacement or refund. 

Don’t feel bad, Steven. You are not alone. They only offered me a partial refund of 25%. Sorry, I couldn’t get the photo to display upright.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Well that's certainly disappointing. No quality control I guess. 

More like there was an idiot somewhere in the process or someone who just didn't care. Those are clearly fingerprints on James's copy. The cover had plenty of space to be picked up without touching the autograph, let alone while it is still wet.

more than one (which could slip by) is totally unacceptable.  They had to be noticed.  if there are numerous ones, then I would never order from them again.  

They basically told me they are all smudged. 

"...Thank you for your email.

As the signed slicks were physically signed by Miranda Lambert and not printed, there are minor imperfections.

We can send you a replacement but they might be more smudged than the one that you already have as the supplier has provided us with the same.

We can provide you with a 15% refund as a gesture of goodwill.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I hope this assists !

Kind Regards,"

I had just got done writing them before I saw your post and I'm not sure what to do if they offer me the same. I think the refund would only be around $4 and even if the replacement is also smudged it would still be worth more than what they are offering. 



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