Mixed emotions about the selling of serial killers' autographs

I just finished watching a documentary about serial killer John Wayne Gacy. My sense of curiosity prompted me to do a Google search to see if Gacy's autographs are available. 

Based on my cursory research, there is no shortage of Gacy letters/documents available for purchase.

I must say I'm very conflicted about the selling of serial killers' autographs/memorabilia. It seems like shameless exploitation of the victims.

Anyone want to chime in?

as always

Garrett Meadows

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A friend of mine has collected only serial killers for decades. Each to their own I guess and too weird for me but he doesn't get why people collect NBA or WWE etc. He writes to many of them and has a Gacy painting, stuff from Manson and Bundy. Some of it is really valuable and there is a market as there is for Hitler and other stuff.

His argument when people ask why is to say that it's better to remember the bad so you appreciate the good!



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