i regret to have post here but as I have had no response from Eric Longo, the member held in such high esteem.

Hello Eic,
I am writing to request a part refund for the 2 Bowie items I purchased frrom you JUNE 2018.
1. index card signed Bowie 76
2  promotional photo dedicated to "ROBIN" signed Bowie 80
As you ae fully awre both these items have been confirmed to be the hand of Corinne Scwabb.
You will be fully aware I paid you nealy $3000 dollars and also had to pay a further $1000 for the customs charge - which was due to your assistant or partner’s error by indicating the cost of items when the insurance would not have covered a tenth of the puchase price. I also refunded you the price of PayPay and paid your furtherr money as family and friends.
I am not asking for the whole amount but I feel justified in asking for a partial refund.  
Please let me know your thoughts please.

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I just read that "Discussion."

Jekyll & Hyde.

ya think, Chris?

Mark Merry AKA James Hay,

First you opened this account. Then you set up a second account under James Hay. They were talking to each other for a while. If you see Mr. Hay, tell him I'm going to delete him soon.

We're running a 2 for 1 special on deletions right now. Be fair and honest and don't harass anyone unless you want in on this great sale.

Nice, Steve.


Please feel free to delete Steve, i’m Done anyway


I'm not going to delete you right now, Mark Merry, because people reading this will get the wrong impression about Autograph Live.

For those just now reading this discussion, read this prior one under James Hay, another profile Mark Merry set up (only one profile is allowed per person). It will give you an idea what is going on:


Read how "James Hay" treated members in that discussion. It was not right.

The Bowies Mark Merry is talking about are in a style that was just determined to be likely secretarial that some Bowie specialists on about April 5: a few weeks ago.

One of the specialists is the person who runs bowieautographs.com, the most respected David Bowie autograph site in the world. From what I heard, this style of Bowie autograph was in the exemplar section of genuine Bowie autographs on that site until the determination a few weeks ago.

A week after that determination, April 12, Mark Merry was using his James Hay profile to go after Eric. And Eric wasn't even asked at that time for a refund as I understand it.

It should be pointed out that Eric didn't even want to sell Mark Merry the Bowie autographs. They were a loved part of his collection and were not for sale. Eric says that Mark Merry asked for many months for Eric to sell them to him, and eventually he did.

Regarding the $1,000 in import taxes Mark Merry said he paid:
   1) PayPal doesn't cover the seller if they under-declare value the value on the customs form, and besides, it's not legal.
   2) If the recipient under-declares the value to lower import and VAT taxes, that's not legal either.

It took YEARS to determine that Charlton Heston's assistant signed most of his through-the-mail autograph requests.

It took YEARS to determine Jackie Gleason secretarials. Until recently, most were getting past the authentication companies. Many probably still do.

It took YEARS to determine that almost all Al Pacino TTM autograph requests were signed secretarially.

Most secretarials take a good while to catch.

It's been 3 WEEKS since the Bowies in that style were determined to be likely secretarial by specialists. And these aren't secretarials in the assistant's own style (presuming they're secretarial, which sounds likely); they are extremely close to the Bowie signature she was mimicking. 

Mark Merry, it sounds like you never mailed Eric asking for a refund before you posted the discussion as James Hay on April 12. I'm not sure if you emailed him asking for one since. Did you? Posting your first discussion here a week after the secretarial news and trying to ruin Eric's reputation was uncalled for. Coming back two weeks later and posting this one was out of line, too.

Take this up directly and decently with Eric by email.

This dude said he took the bodies to Tracks is that bs?

I don't really get this situation right now... so James hay and Mark Merry are/is the same person? Why would you do that? 

he wanted someone to talk to




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