MUDDY WATERS + OTIS SPANN and CHRIS BARBER FULL BAND SIGNED IN THE PAGES OF AN AUTOGRAPH BOOK. Signed in 1958 (First Uk Muddy Waters Tour). Sold by Memorabilia Uk in the past.
What do you think??? Thanks!!

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I don't mean the bearer of bad news, but there a few things which make me doubt this piece a great deal. The forming of several of letters in Muddy's name are way off, especially the 'a" in Waters and the "M" in Muddy. I am not going to go into detail, but the formation of these two letters are consistent in any Muddy graph I have seen over the years. The real dead give away is the misspelling of the piano player's last name. While this accompanying player was with Muddy in the UK in 1958, Mr. Otis Spann certainly knew how to spell his own last name. The sample of "Otis" is a bad attempt at the piano player's first name. The last name is a dead give away. Sorry.

For me Muddy Waters signed in this way in 1958... Otis Spann sinply maked a mistake... In the same autograph book there are the signatures original of all Chris Barber Band rare too... Chris Barber as on tour by Muddy in 1958... TACOMA have you signatures of Muddy in the 50' to compare of this? Thanks

Closest I have is early 1960s

Tacoma for the other signature of Muddy in the 1958 dedicated to Butch Froms... Roger Epperson say ok, memorabilia uk say ok and Jason of Tracks say Ok

If you feel solid with it then go with it. Its all very subjective on certain cases. The Otis Spann would concern me, but its all a matter of perspective.

For me the more strange thing of these two signatures of 58 are the S in waters.. Stop. But i think that is a characteristic of 1958 signatures... Stop.

Tacoma great new... In 1958 Otis Spann was Otis Stann for an error for the British organisation of the tour.. 

Write Otis Stann on Google...

I have looked for Otis Stann & am not finding it. I can tell you that Otis Spann spelled his name properly in all graphs I have seen, and I have several in my collection from UK and US appearances. I would not see him purposefully misspelling his name on a signature in order to accommodate a typo in an English musical program

You asked for feedback on this. The piece still causes me concern, but that would be my feedback if someone asked. If you are looking to purchase the item then best wishes.


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