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Though I recall a member posting a blog asking about this a while ago, I could not relocate it for my purpose in this discussion.

It can be nice when one stumbles upon a musician's shop (via their website), to see that they are selling their autographs. I figured this could grow as a wee database for listing those musicians who partake in this.

I recently recieved a couple press photos signed in ballpoint from John Mayall's website ( I am also aware that you can purchase signed CDs from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits( John 5 ( formerly Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie guitarist) sells various items signed, with an option to dedicate.


So, does anyone else know of this being done by other musicians?

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Plot twist! 

I haven't as of this am for a response.  What email address to you use? 

Anyone hear anything lately?

I still haven't heard anything yet. I also emailed them at the email address they provided on the initial order. Got back a message saying undeliverable as addressed. Tried it again. Same thing. Apparently the email address is no longer valid. Not sure what's going on.

The correct email address for the Yorn/Johansson lithograph is

Notice it's umgstores and not umusic.

from  Typical response with no details

Hi there,

Unfortunately, there has been a delay with your order - we apologize for any inconvenience. Please keep an eye out for an email update regarding this issue soon!

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and support,
DL + FH Customer Service

Elvis Costello signed Vinyl bundles.

Florence is back up on Newbury if you missed her the first time!

Looks like Scarlett Johansson/Pete Yorn CDs are back up as well.

Got it. Thanks Rich

Damn sold out after 5 minutes, I has just signed up to To Ship it! Damn 



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