Tell us about that one autograph you have that makes your heart flutter!

This group has been hidden away and just now being featured...tell us about the autograph you own that you love the most!

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My favorite autograph is my 3x5 index card of Phillis Diller,sence it is the first one that I got back in the mail,using the celebrity addresses in the autograph collector.
Brian Wilson. After a concert in Birmingham my wife and I hung around the tourbus in the car park. No one else about and after a long wait he appeared. Signed the concert programme, shook hands and was away. Totally cool.

I caught Brian when we was in Honolulu performing his entire CD 'Smile.'  What a treat!
My favorite has to be when i got Davy Jones of the Monkees to sign my book of his Daydream Believin. He was at our local radio station that morning doing an interview for his concert that night. I tapped on the glass and asked him if he would sign my book of his Daydream Believin? He gave me the thumbs up. A few minutes later one of the morning personalities came out and asked me what i wanted signed? He signed it and again gave me the thumbs up .
I think my favorit is my signed Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit. I met all members including Kurt Cobain back in 1992 and got this record signed. I also got a second record signed where Dave Grohl added "Autograph #678"! I know it was a joke, but a cool joke. Like he was counting all the autographs that he have given out.
But I regret that I didn't ask the pregnant Courtney Love for an autograph at the same time. She was together with Kurt when I met him.
I would love to see pics of the autographs
Here is a picture of the two Nirvana records that I got signed back in 1992.

My favourite is Ronnie Wood. Back in 1996 I was in the UK with my brother and we went to Ronnie Wood his house. Rang the bell and someone, not Ronnie Wood, answered the door. He was not there. Next thing we got to do was attend the opening for a Peter Blake (artist who created the famous St. Pepper cover for the Beatles) exhibition. Guess who was there too?? Yes, Ronnie Wood himself. I shoke his hand and he signed the thing we had with us since we were at his house only a couple of hours before. At the exhibition there were a few other celebs like Paul King (of the 80-ties group King) and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (who we recognised after he left together with Ronnie Wood). Too bad we didn't get his autogrpah. We did get Ronnie, Paul King and above all Peter Blake!
Hands down, my favorite is Johnny Depp because he is my favorite actor. He was filming Public Enemies in the northern part of my state and I couldn't get away from work to watch the filming. Everyone knows, he is very generous of his time with his fans, and I wanted to meet him. Unfortunately, I just couldn't work it out.

I found the address for the production company for Public Enemies in Chicago and sent a photograph and SASE. That was in May of 2008. I never received anything back and had all but given up hope. Then, in October, I opened my mailbox to find my return envelope with the photo I sent signed by Johnny. I have no idea where the photo had been all of those months, but there's no doubt my heart was fluttering for days!

I would have to say my Mario Lemieux jersey, he really took his time and gave me
such an awsome autograph, I have it framed and it hangs above my compture.
My favorite is gene wilder I wrote him a letter and got It back two years later with my index card signed and he added to photos. One of my favorite actors of all time.
My favorite is a hand written letter from Diamond Dallas Page. He took time to write a response to my letter and included a signed photo.



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