Hi everyone,
Today I got my first John Lennon autograph. I know the condition of the paper is bad, or even very bad, but it's John Lennon and I think such an autograph is better than not having an autograph at all. Anyway, it was obtained in person at an airport in the States in the summer of 1965. John also inscribed it "To Del & Myra". Does it look like Del in your opinion? Myra is a Hebrew name. The girl who got it was Jewish. I'm happy with it and I can finally say I have the autographs of all four members of the Beatles.

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Hey Daniel....That's a great deal...good luck with it.

thats a great deal and I would have sprung for it too.  nice pick up Daniel.

I think it’s a wonderful piece. It’s going to look very cool when it’s matted!

I think you got an amazing deal. For the price, it's a fantastic find.

You may also be able to pay a fee to have the paper restored. This reminds me of a time when I got a discount on an item I'd wanted for years. Back in 1972, Neil Armstrong signed 1,000 lithographs to raise money for the Smithsonian. These are now worth $4,000+, which is out of my budget. But I found one that was badly wrinkled and covered with foxing spots, for about $1,000. I then paid a paper restoration company to help mend it. They used a de-acidifying chemical bath to remove the stains, and then smoothed the paper out. I didn't expect huge results, but it came back looking spotless and perfect. Here's what it looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now:

So it may be worth looking into. I went with ACA Paper Restoration, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were so professional and quick. This restoration cost me $300, and it's a rather large print. For a smaller item like the John Lennon autograph, you may be able to get a decent restoration for under $100. I don't know if this particular item can be restored, but it can't hurt to send them an email and ask.

Thanks, but I live in Israel and not in the States. I will have to check if there is someone professional in my area. I'm not sure I want to restore it. The paper is so delicate and fragile and I am afraid the autograph will be destroyed. I will have to think about it. They did a wonderful job on your piece. 

I think a professional framer also knows how to restore such a piece. At least the framer i let all my autographs do knows such things cause he also works for museums. Maybe just ask at a museum in tel aviv if they know somebody. But sometimes it is better to leave it like it is. I think it looks great a bit „wasted“ and old. Dont let other people tell you whats good. I also collect autographs i can afford and when i find some better i can afford i sell the old one and buy the better one. For me i dont need 3 georgs 4 pauls 3 ringos and 3 johns... i always try to have one of them and always upgrade when i find a better looking one when i can afford it. Your john is a great start and you finally got all 4! Thats what counts! 

Paper conservators can do amazing things with old paper. It's, at least, worth investigating. 

Hey Daniel....What kind pf paper did Lennon sign?....what about the texture of the paper?

It feels like plain paper from a notebook.

Congratulations on a wonderful acquisition, Daniel! I know that you'll love owning it.


A very nice find at a great price!!

congrats Daniel you popped your Lennon cherry!!

Im sure that there will be more to follow.Frame it up with a period Lennon picture.



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