Hi Learned ones,

I'm just moving house and have been cataloguing my vinyl collection for the move - DISCOGS is GREAT!

Anyway, I have over 100 prince collectibles on vinyl and had forgotten I bought a fully autographed Mountains US 12" in 1986.

I have a cert of authenticity, which I will now dig out.. but in the interim, I'd like views to confirm its authenticity.   Looking around on the web now, it seems right?

If I recall (nearly 30 yrs ago!) I paid quite a bit for it.

COA to follow.

Plus I have another, which I'll photograph in a moment - but bought from someone who worked at a record station - which I'm less sure about... that's to follow..

Thanks for any input!

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I am currently studying your other Prince autograph in more detail. AT first it looked off, but i need more time on it. This one i am pretty confident on though, and although it is far better than the average forgery in some aspects, i believe it is a forgery. There are numerous things wrong with it. I dont know about the other autographs on the piece, but the Prince i am pretty certain is bad. The P is actually done quite well compared to most forgeries, but after that, it really falls apart. Just a few things that really make it stand out to me is the R formation, and the E formation. They are all wrong in my opinion. 

Wait for more to chime in, but i am pretty confident that the Prince is bad. 

But ill focus on the other one now and let you know if i can come up with an opinion


Here is an example of a typical Prince signature, as it relates to how he formed his R's and E's.

Both not good -- sorry

No good


On the "other" one I posted, Carl, you showed at the bottom, a full Prince Rogers Nelson, which, to me does look like the Prince on this one.

I think on some of the record store events, the signature is done that quickly, it all becomes a squiggle.

This is more like some of the signatures Ive seen, rather than autographs (if you know what I mean:-))

There's a signature cut for sale which looks similar.. tho not identical.

Appreciate your input.  Thanks for taking the time.

I would have to agree with Carl and Bruce.

Both sigs you have posted don´t look right to me.

You should send both of your Prince to Roger Epperson for a quick opinion. Go to his website and submit it.

Looks no good in my opinion.
Neither does the signed Lovesexy promopic that Carl Ryan provided.


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