I’ve got a photo signed by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson with an NBA hologram and a number. Is there a site I can check the number in a database for authenticity?

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If I'm not mistaken, those holograms only designate that the photo itself is official NBA licensed merchandise, as opposed to certifying the signatures.

Your right just means it's an official NBA merchandise plus those autos don't look real but I could be wrong I would pass on it if I came across it

Hundreds of scammers on Ebay use the "MLB Licensed Photo" statement to lead you to believe that the autograph is part of the "package."

Thank all of you. I think I will send it to JSA, Beckett or PSA as well. Do any of you know if you send something to one of the respected authenticators and it does not pass, do you still get charged? Thanks

A sort of "insurance policy" would be to submit an image or the entire Ebay listing link to PSA/DNA for their "fast opinion". For 10 dollars they'll respond with their E-opinion to you. If you get a "likely genuine" response, it's an indication that the item will have a better chance than not of being authenticated by them if and when submitted. If you get the "not likely genuine", then pass altogether. Now that's if you'd like to have an "official" COA to go with your item, because I would tend to gauge actual authenticity more by forum opinion than by any of the grading services on most key signatures.

Thank you. 



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