I was wondering if you could give me opinions on these autos. My brother is going through some things that were bought for him when he was a kid and I'd like to help him find out if he should keep them or ditch them. I'm 99% sure these are headed for the trash because they were bought:

-in the 90s

-from a shop located in the tourist spot of a vacation town

I don't know a thing about sports autos, though; so I thought I'd see if they were real before I chuck them. Thanks in advance!

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all forgeries



The Don Mattingly autograph is atypical.  I am not as familiar with the other two autographs.

Thanks, everybody! They're headed for the dump.

That is the same place that my first eBay purchase ended up.  It was a forged Robert De Niro autograph.  Sorry JXE.  Please tell your brother that he is not alone.



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