I purchased this with the intention of framing it with my artwork, and then reselling it. Since my background is mainly Sports, I wanted to have it checked before passing it on to anyone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I don't like the looks of that at all.

I was afraid of that....thanks for the input

Hi Scott,

I agree with Paul. I don't think it's OK.

I was afraid of that....just didn't want to pass it on to anyone else.... especially since it with my artwork. Thanks for the response
How much was the cut?
Paid $150 for it

I agree with the others. This is def not real. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the input

Theres a few on rockaway records for sale.

Thanks Paul....I'll check it out


People like you are what we call heroes. Thank you for asking for authenticity opinions on an autograph you own before you sell. There aren't enough of you out there.



Agree 100%, that's why I joined this forum ... Keep up the great work.



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