84897FDE-FCBE-46E3-86EB-CD53A4E8D36E.jpegHey Guys, 

Glad to be apart of the community ! I’m a 49ers fan (been one seriously...) decided recently I want to start collecting. I have a signed Fred Warner Jersey w/ a Beckett auth. I just recently purchased a ball off eBay for $300 and it has the 2019-2020 49er roster. I personally looked into the autographs and did my own comparisons and truly they do match in their own way , it is not complete replicas of the autographs I found. Please let me know if there is something I’m missing because I also hope I didn’t waste money on this. 

*I did a comparison between the Becket Fred Warner Jersey I have and the one on the ball & it eased my mind because they are pretty accurate.*

i will post the photos ! Let me know ladies and gents ! 

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So is it all a sham? Probably should refund the item? I read it just want to make sure I understand that I guess it’s not a reliable source? 

With that reputation I would say so. Who was the seller?


Geralhaine is the name I see on EBay 

I don't do sports so I looked atb his entertainment and I see two forged William Shatner's at absurd prices with no-name COA's.

And a very bad Harrison Ford with BIN for $40-some dollars. Delusional. I'd avoid this seller quickly.

I appreciate your time and effort greatly! Something wasn’t sitting right, I just got it today so I’m just going to return it. He doesn’t seem too convincing about it neither. 

Most welcome. My pleasure to try and help out. Fortunately he has a 30 day return policy. It is good you posted here. In future ask here before purchasing and use the search engine here as well - it's easier :) 

you’re right! Like I said I’m new to this and really truly trying to start collecting everything football related! So I guess the price just seemed right for what I was getting but the more I thought about it and more I looked at it, it just clicked a little bit more. So yeah now I know going forward for sure ! 


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