Hello everyone,
Look what the mail brought today. For years I have been fantasizing about a book that will deal only with the Beatles and solo signatures. At last a book like that had just come out by the great Beatles autographs collector Tom Fontaine. This book is a dream come true! The book shows a lot of autographs of the Beatles and solo period over the years. The book shows how the signatures have evolved and changed over the years. It's absolutely amazing and a must have for any Beatles collectors in general and Beatles autographs collectors in particular. You can find it on Amazon. Also search for Tom's first book, which is also great, called "Rare".

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It's not quite as cool as yours. LOL.

They are all cool!!!

well maybe not as cool as mine!


Bringing it down to a boring level, the author should have had the courtesy to ask you both for permission to reproduce your items (assuming he knew you still owned them) and give you an aknowledgement in the book unless you didn't want it for privacy reasons. 

Sorry, I think you are wrong. He took the pictures of the items when they were his items. Nobody owns rights for these items. These items passed a lot of hands. He has the rights for his photos and these photos were made while the items were his. Of course he can publish them without asking anyone. This is my opinion only.  

I agree with Daniel...Tom photographed the items when he owned them. We really don't own the items in our collection...we're the caretakers...until it's time to pass them on...

Until you show your graphs for someone else to place in their file.

I thought of it for just a moment but it really didn’t bother me .my initial reaction was wow that’s awesome!it was quite a nice surprise .

It doesn't bother me either. I didn't get the album signed and didn't provide the image.

It’s interesting that several of us have had items that are in Tom’s book.

Here is a pic of a Kuwait Airlines tag that I purchased from the UK many years ago that is in Tom’s book page 41

Great piece fab,I was looking at it a few days ago!!! It’s pretty funny how we r all coming out of the woodwork with our pieces that are in his book.lets see who’s next

Hello all, have the signed Sweden promo photo on page 10 of the book. The dedication has been professionally removed. Have had the piece for many years. Also own a signed promo card (fan club card) which was in a discussion thread here on 12/30/17. Proud to have both !!

Do you have a pic?



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