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I am a longtime collector of in person autographs and autographs obtained through fanmail addresses. I'll be posting some more things as I get on into this group.

I've wanted to own a full set of Beatles autographs ever since I saw a beautiful framed set in Vegas about 10 years ago. I picked up Pete Best and Ringo by mail about 6 years ago but never did much work towards getting the rest of them.

Just this week I finally said I was going to bite the bullet and do it because I had wanted it for so long and lord knows I would regret it if I waited until both Paul and Ringo passed away or tried to wait until I was older and the 100th anniversary of The Beatles hits.

I picked up a 1967 set that has been authenticated by Caiazzo. The set has John, Paul, and Ringo on the back of a receipt dated September 15th 1967 and George on a seperate cut card also from the same week. The story is that they were filming Magical Mystery Tour when their bus pulled into a petrol station. J, P, and R pulled in behind the bus in a Rolls-Royce and signed for the attendant. George was asleep on the bus unfortunately so his signature was collected a few days later.

So what do you think folks?

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I think a couple of us have seen this before on facebook and on this site at some point. The piece is fabulous and something you should be happy to own!
Undoubtedly I know you have :-)
That's a really fine set and so much rarer than earlier signatures.
Thank you!

I've also seen this set before and really like it. Congrats!

Thank you!
I just wish Caiazzo would get back to me about fixing the typo in his letter.
I would maybe write another email. Did you put something like "typo in authenticity letter" or something along those likes in the subject line?
...Or try giving the phone number on the LOA a call!:)
I have attempted both. Number seems to be out of service. My subject line did reference the typo.
Interesting, i see he no longer has a phone number listed on his website either. Well I guess I would either wait it out a bit and send another email in a week or two.

I used the info@beatlesautographs.com email, but that was two years ago when I got my LOAs from Frank. That email isn't listed on his website anymore either. I also believe he has changed locations in New Jersey since then too.
A very nice set.congrats Jeff.Happy it went to a good man!Ironically the set u saw in vegas 10 Years ago was probably a forgery.


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