Nick Lowe is selling signed vinyl (The Convincer & The Old Magic LPs) on talk shop live.

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Ordered the old magic lp. Happy to get this as he isnt the easiest autograph to get. He came out with that book a couple years ago and for some reason,  didnt sign any copies 

Thanks for the heads up! I have wanted his sig for a while so this makes my day!!! 

Shipping and a Processing charge???

Yes, I have ordered from them before and while the "processing fee" is annoying,  it's so small it doesn't bother me. Besides, their stuff is cheap 

I can't believe this isn't getting more attention. If anyone isn't familiar with him but appreciates brilliant songwriting, then give this a shot. There aren't many people who write on this level. The man is a musical and lyrical genius.

I’m a huge fan of classic rock and I can honestly tell you I never heard of the man. Looks like a good deal though, could be something to flip.

Listen to this one. It's a favorite of mine that his father-in-law, Johnny Cash covered but he has dozens that are this good. He wrote 'what's so funny 'bout peace, love & understanding' which was a big hit for Elvis Costello.

Thanks, I will check it out. I’m always looking for new (to me) music.

I hope you enjoy! 

His one big hit in the United States was "Cruel To Be Kind" which hit the top 20 in.the late 70's. The man is a music legend. 

Just a heads up: I checked the listing again today and now it says the first 100 orders will receive a signed post card. When I ordered my record it said signed vinyl but there's no mention of signed vinyl in the description anymore which is a shame. I'll be cancelling mine if it's not a signed record.

I am going to cancel also if that's the case. Shame because Nick does not sign much but a postcard is worthless to me 


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