Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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I really do not see anything other than speed and direction changes that are a normal occurrence when signing thin paper with a sharpie. If this was autopen (unless technology changed in a hurry) there would be dots where the pen pushes down initially and again once it lifts. This has always been the case and should be no different with these signatures. Its not always noticeable on thicker pages from the back, but in cases like this, where the page is so thin, it should be an apparent feature yet they don't exist 

There are also thickness changes throughout the signature, even if only subtle. Im still confident these are not autopenned. Overall, It really is great that people are researching every detail on a bigger scale. After what we've all been through lately with autopens, everything should be questioned. Its also nice that you are getting a response from this ebay user, but I wouldnt believe anything a reseller says since they are just opportunists. I wouldnt expect any of them to be particularly knowledgeable. 

What dots are you talking about?  I see dots but not convinced those are evidence autopen.

Can you please explain how 7'ish dots represent autopen and not just Sharpie pausing/changing direction on thin paper.

I emailed Bookabook to cancel telling them there are issues with autopen copies. They received their stock today and sent photos through which look genuine and they're adamant they've been through the entire stock and they're all different / legit. Certainly good enough to receive the book, photograph the signature myself and check carefully. But we will see.

Unless… plot twist: their autopen technology has gotten better. O___o

This must be the "Bob Dylan Version 3.0 Super Autopen" autopen. I see dots on the image of the back page sig, but absolutely zero dots where Addison said "clearly 2 dots at the bottom of the L and on the upper part of the L, also." Oh well, sad, I guess? :(

People should try writing their own name with a Sharpie.  I've done it before and knew what to expect, but I did it again just now to see what happens

There will be concentrations of ink, especially where you have to change direction.  It's the missing "dots" that are significant. 

An autopen leaves dots or concentrations of ink that are not in natural places.  

Aren't autopens usually shakier? When I zoom in, the strokes look pretty clean. 

No, you're right i do see dots

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Whoa, very nice dots. Poor Borat was so infatuated with Pamela he almost captured her in the traditional Kazakhstan "wedding sack."

Hahaha signature might be real, but those things are definitely fake. 

Yep, I can see it now. 100% clear example of dot augmentation. 

I assume that someone will ëventually do some detective work on ebay to look for matches. Who knows how many different autopen styles were used assuming that these are autopens.  I haven't looked at these too close, but at first glance they look suspicious.



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