Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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here are better pics of the front and back. I am having a hard time seeing those dots..even when i zoom in

You do not see dots on the back page of the signature? I counted 7 and they are clear as day but whatever.  LOL 

Actually, now that I'm looking closer, I do see dots.

Anyone who thinks this signature is real doesn't know the first thing about autographs.  For those who believe its real, enjoy the book but its nothing I would want in my collection 

I agree 100%. The first few examples I wasn't sure of, but the last 3 examples submitted had dots everywhere. It was a veritable 'dot fest.' Some had dots so big, they even had their own dots. Definite fakes, and quite bad too. Cheers.

Some more samples found online for Pamela Anderson below.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

no human uses the same amount of pressure when signing any autograph. There should be a variation of pressure apparent and shown with slight streaks. As a result, these imho, are clearly auto-penned. the graphs look too perfect. Yes there are variations these auto pen machines use. It's very obvious..

I just spent several minutes trying to copy her signature to prove a point but I guess I'm not cut out to be a forger.

In any case, try it yourselves with a newish Sharpie and white paper.  There are "dots" or ink concentrations where the pen stops and changes direction.  

However, on the examples posted so far, I'm seeing no dots at the very beginning or end of the signature where an autopen touches down or lifts up.  I do see lots of ending strokes where the pen lifts up more gracefully, leaving a tapered tail. 

It could well be another Dylan or Dolly, but so far I'm not convinced.

Since many people on here believe 3rd party authenticators more than people on here with over 30 years experience, here is this..


I'm not saying it is or isn't real but it does seem odd that he added a photo of the Backside of the signature. almost like he's trying to make sure you see the dots in case you question it even though it has the JSA authentication. I rarely ever buy anything off of eBay but I don't recall ever seeing the backside of the page posted like that and thought the only reason you really check it was for the telltale dots. I also have never had anything authenticated but from what I've read on here they are pretty worthless.    

Ive seen signed books posted like this a few times on ebay. Its not common but people do it occasionally to prove its live ink and not a print. I wouldnt say proof against autopens necessarily every time, but it does help. Overall, its great for people to question authenticity. We should always keep our guards up and figure things out as a group. However, for this book in particular, I still do not see any signs of autopen use and feel people are jumping the gun on claims with certainty too soon. 

This is collectorfirst reply to me on ebay.com earlier today when i told him the consensus on here is that his book is  autopenned! 

Wrong. I have multiple. They are different. And if you look at the listing I do show the back of the signed page, and the pressure is clearly inconsistent. Not like an autopen. And no end dots.



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