Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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The end of the signature doesn't look too bad for autopen dots but the pressure seems almost too perfect and consistent. If she did do it by hand she's got some damn solid hands... maybe check with Tommy Lee if he can confirm. Lol

This is mine.

I'm not seeing the dots at the beginning and end as much as I would expect but it does look like the same pen pressure throughout the entire signature which is not a good sign, they will continue to try to come up with ways to fool us and this could just be the newest version. I imagine eventually they will perfect it and autopens will be impossible to detect.  

I'm not seeing what others are either. No autopen dots and while the pressure is pretty consistent, it does vary in spots. Based on the 2 examples so far, my vote is these are real

People rush so quickly to say "Autopen!" it's like people expect and want things not to work out.

Let's see more examples, but so far so good.

Not rushing at all, the first example has dots throughout the signature and is clearly autopen. Think its real if you want though,  I didn't get stuck with it 

Here’s mine from BAM

That looks fine to me. Variable pen pressure and no dots that I see. 

Glad I cancelled mine now. These "celebs" really are just horrid people in out.

100% autopen, the dots are clearly visible.  Sad :(

So from the 2 examples I don't see it. The beginning and end of the sig would be the most obvious but neither has them. And the sigs are different enough. Plus I am not seeing what Addison says is clearly visible. Could you please illustrate what you are seeing?

Sure, I know maybe at first glance it's hard to tell but it jumped at me right away. If you look at the bottom of the L, there are clearly 2 dots and then on the upper part of the L also. As you go throughout the signature, there are actually several dots that pop up. I am surprised that more people don't see it because I feel this is such an obvious autopen. For those who have the book and feel its real, enjoy 



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