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Looking at purchasing some older coldplay cds seller claims to have inherited these along with a larger collection. 

Claims parachutes cd is from 2000 and claims X and y cd is from 2008 (says person he inherited from took notes on everything). 

Have some opinions on these already but really want to hear from you all! 

Appreciate all your time and consideration! 

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he took notes on the cds. no and no on these. 

Thanks, Brian! Thought so. Always appreciate another set of eyes! Cheers.

anytime! let me know if interested in one. i have the new cd signed. pm me if interested 

Agreed, these are not authentic IMO

Thanks Dan --  assuming forgery -- anybody else think the X & Y photo looks like signer thought Guys auto was Jonny's? Look at the bottom right auto lol -- the imaginary Jonny did not sign this... I was like whatttt. They kind of look like they're all signed by the same hand right? I'm trying to get way better at this so all of your input really helps me better with my Coldplay obsession... haha

100% signed by the same hand.

I’m getting better at this! You guys rock!! 

Received these photos of all albums signed with notes from the seller if anyone is interested in taking a look! 



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