I would like to have your opinion on this Michael Jackson and brothers autographs from 1978-1981 era 

Quick opinion by roger epperson and paas results are « likely to be genuine »

psa dna « Unable to Render Opinion
 We need to view this first hand to evaluate it »

I’m from france and it’s difficult to find Jacksons experts on the country, I need your help :)

Thanks a lot!

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It ls real. I find no problem on It.

Absolutly authentic .
It's yours?

thank you for your opinions,

yes It’s mine.  psa's answer made me doubt. I will try to examine more closely the promo photo on which there are thé signatures to see if it is authentic but it is in a sealed frame so I have never dared to open it. I didn’t want to damage the frame.

Yes, it’s definitely authentic.  Just ignore PSA’s quick opinion which is not very reliable.  Roger Epperson gave it the ok, and he’s better than PSA on Michael Jackson anyway.  And like Steve stated below, as long as it’s not a copy, it is authentic.

thank you James,

I’ m pretty disappointed by the psa opinion, I don’t understand their hesitation. I’ m sure that the signatures are genuines and everywhere I ask for opinions, fans or experts think it’s 100% genuine. but you are right, I think that Roger Epperson is the best for the MJ autographs too

If anyone has any information about these promotional photos of the triumph era, dimensions, important details, type of paper, don’t hesitate to keep me informed :) 

Thank you!

Hello, Steve Cyrkin, what is your opinion on this autographs? 


I think Michael's autograph looks fantastic. A classic 1980ish example and I'm confident that it's real.

I haven't seriously studied his brothers' autographs but they look fine too.

Presuming your piece is not a copy (I'd have to see it in person to be sure), it's a very hard Jackson 5 signed photo to beat!

thank you for your answer Steve,

It’s possible to see the shiny ink of the signatures when you have the photo in your hand. Apparently not a reprint. 

Do you have another methods to verify it’s not a copy?

I would have liked to send it to Roger Epperson. He think they look fine on his quick opinion but he said me that he didn’t do letters outside of the US anymore :( 


Winslow Leach : I'm going back to this old subject. Do you know for sure today if it's a copy or not ?

I found this on ebay today :



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