Opinion on U2 auto from Smith and Sons Collectibles

I have been looking into this U2 auto. I read on the forums here that apparently this company they use to authenticate (Authentication Services Australia) is owned by the same person who owns Smith and Sons Collectibles: https://collectible.net.au (also based out of Australia). Has anyone heard about either of these organizations? Was looking at purchasing a U2 autograph attached from there and wanted to do some research first. 
Link to website is here. They also have amazon listings and apparently carry many products with PSA and JSA authentication. I reached out and they said that they will offer free returns and refunds on any item if you’re not satisfied. Should I gamble and get another authentication? Really appreciate any advice or help you all can provide on this. Thank you!! 

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After looking on their website I would stay clear from this company and not buy anything from them. 

That was my feeling on this too! Something didn’t feel right...Really appreciate your advice. 

The U2 you posted is not authentic. 

Thanks! I’m staying far away from this website... what a disaster. 

I don't like these. In my opinion, they are NOT authentic in ANY way.

A very common confidence play on the part of fraudulent dealers is to explicitly advertise, "Free returns if not satisfied" or "Guaranteed forever"...

...it's richly ironic, don't cha think?



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