Hello everybody,

A few years ago, 2010 I believe, I purchased at a show a few autographed baseballs, that I now worry about their authenticity.  I plan on getting em re-authenticated by PSA but would like the communities opinion before I spend some $$$.  I'm afraid to ask because I have a feeling I all ready know based on what (mainly about Ace and Priddy) I've read on this forum.

Below is a list and the pics of the signed balls.

Player                        Authentication Service            Authenticator

Joe Mauer                      ACE                                          J. Priddy

Roy Halladay                 ACE                                          J. Priddy

Jason Heyward              ACE                                          J. Priddy

Mark Teixera                 GA                                            S. Sipe

Any feedback/opinion is greatly appreciated.  Please keep in mind that I was new to the hobby at the time of purchase so I took ACE as a legit cert company, now I know better, so please be kind and don't berate me to much......I regret buying em and am hoping for at least one to be authentic.

Thanks to everyone in advance.


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I think all 4 are no good

Hay Bud, we all make mistakes, even the experts, don't be ashamed, its all about learning buddy, if only this site was around 15 years ago haha

Thanks for the replies guys, I had a feeling about their legitimacy or rather lack of legitimacy.  I'm not to bummed out over it, it is part of the learning process I guess.  Aside from the certs being from ACE, what are the tips offs as to their "fakeness".

sorry bud, cannot help you on that, just wanted to keep your spirits up within the hobby and industry.....ENJOY & .HAPPY HUNTING from now on,

I dont like any of them. But dont worry no one will berate you. You didnt know better and now do. Its the sellers who get all bent when they find out its fake. Usually cause they knew in advance and hoped getting a BS vcoa will cover them. 

Almost all new collectors make mistakes, Zack. In the grand scheme of things, you could have done a lot worse. (Imagine being a newbie collector and spending $10,000 on some phony Beatles item from a Las Vegas gallery. Now that has got to hurt!)

In any case, you are on the right track now. Learning and networking with knowledgeable collectors is the key to success. Happy Collecting.

All are bad. Be careful when buying signatures on a china baseball and a questionable coa

Thanks everyone! I should have been tipped off at the prices I paid for each one, if I remember correctly it was on the order of $30-40 a pop....if its to good to be true...yada yada yada.  

On a happier note, Im so stoked I found this website and community, so much good info to be browsed!

Zack, at least you didn't invest much more than $30-40 a ball, there are people that invest far, far more than that on this garbage. You'll get some good info here and remember you can always ask what others think before you buy an item.

Black marker over the sigs and donate them to a local little league. Then nothing but good came from this. 

That is the plan. Gracias everyone.



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