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Hi All,

I wondered if any Pacino experts could take a look at this inscribed Scarface photo with quote and let me know what you think?

I have compared it with other inscribed in person items I have from Pacino and it looks similar.....

Best wishes as always,


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Anybody have an opinion on this? Thank you in advance!

Pacino is all over the place man..I have a Playbill from GlenGarry Glenross where it is literally a squiggle and circle.

Thank you Tony! I know, I have a lot of autographs from Pacino and some are hard to make out!
Anybody else have an opinion on the signed and inscribed Pacino photo?
Tough to say I have never seen so much text from all before this is a first if it is real it is an amazing item .
But I honestly don't think that there is anyone in the world that could authenticate a Pacino not even al Pacino himself .


Jason I think your right..I do not think pacino knows what his Autograph is!!!

Thank you Jason!! I have seem Al write a very few quotes from his films in the past and the writing matches, but his autograph is to hap-hazard, it is difficult to compare!
Richard I have had over 50 pacinos I have never found 2 to look the same .
I once asked for a personalised one as I was one on one and only got . Jason circle loop and a dot .

Tough one to judge if you have seen text and you can compare it too then great but I know his hand writing is weird and wanky .

Good luck

Thank you Jason!


I got your PM. I'm on my cell and try not to authenticate from such a small screen anymore, and I won't be able to look at yours for a few hours. But if you check my images from January or February, you'll find my Pacino-inscibed Scarface shirt, signed front and back. He signed it for a mutual friend, Larry Grobel. If you can't find it let me know.
Thank you Steve.

I have seen the photos of your signed Scarface shirt, thank you.

The writing on my signed and inscribed photo does look right, but he is so difficult to cross reference!

Best wishes,

I don't think that's Pacino, Richard.


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