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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, but a few years ago at an antique store I came across the Doors self-titled album with what looks like Jim's signature on the front cover. It was mixed in with this dealer who had a ton of milk boxes full of stuff, and everything was $3.00. I am no expert when it comes to autographs, and I know there are very few Morrison's out there to compare it to, so any feedback would be appreciated! J%20Morrison.JPG

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Greetings and welcome! That would be quite the score if it were real! Here's one to compare it to which is presently up for auction that is going for $5000!
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This definitely doesn't look authentic to me, unfortunately. I'm glad that it hardly cost you anything.

Sorry, but this is without question a forgery in my opinion.                Jack...

Bummer. Thanks for the response everyone.
Welcome to the forum Reagan.
Jack and ballroom know there morrison autographs really well so you can count on their opinions.
I just bought my first morrison autograph this fortnight and all i can say it's not the easiest task to find them.

So what is the value of an average Morrison autograph? I'd like to get a real one... someday anyhow.

The one at rr auctions starts at 5k. I doubt whether anyone that owns one would sell it for under 5k.
There's only 140 ish jim morrison signatures in the world
Rare as hens teeth.

Is that a pop # or? Estimate? Extrapolation? Curious how that was arrived thanks - thanks Paul.


Kinda pop middle of the road, the guys pay 5 to 6 for cheques. Ask them how much they sell them for.


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