I am asking on behalf of a friend what you guys think of this Slash autograph. It comes with a COA from Autograph Pros Llc. I know nothing about his signature, but I want to make sure he doesn't waste his money.

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I dont trust premier collectible s.
Brians managment???
So the signatures you buy and your people get are worse and sloppier than those collectors get in the street? Yeah right. That makes no sense.

That Slash signature whether it was bought in a PSA group lot or from anyone of the names you dropped doesn't make it real. I don't think you sold that intentionally but either way good luck trying to convince anyone that it's authentic.
I think, my own personal opinion and not knocking dealers. It is best not to mix your graphs with buying off of others.

I know I live in a fairy tale land, but I would like to hope that if I am buying something from someone in the streets that they personally got it. I understand people use runners, but even that makes me weary from stories I have heard.

Mixing in other lots of other collectors/dealers items can get you buying suspect items that just aren't worth it in my eyes.

I understand it is a business, I just know when buying anything I want to know the who/what/when/where...And have multiple opinions...plus my own.

These ip/grapher's ,dealers make it very difficult to trust. Just recently one of the sports grapher's, while obtaining autograph started forging right there and then on the golf course until other graphers spotted him and he was selling on a group!

How else will they make money!

Ahh, you are still on Facebook!

Ian it's interesting watching these guys , who have been accused of forging before and see the graphs they sell, ofcourse its all obtained in person.

I belong to about 8 autograph groups! Most are filled with drama! RACC is one of the tamer ones!

I dont participate in the auto groups, but a guy posted a signed morrison lp for sale, so i had to stand toe to toe with him untill he ecentually removed.

Yeah, its the wild west on those groups. lots of people selling Roger Waters albums. One guy had a nice Dark Side for 225 bucks but I have enough!


That particular story was at least somewhat dubious.

This is what you call a Flynny



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