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Is it possible to see the full signature? I've seen examples similar to her first name in this OP that passed TPA certification although I am not a fan of what I see(so far).

Thanks for your opinion, Joe. It looks close to me as well, but not so sure. Click pic for full. 

That slash over the d - which I would think is supposed to be the cross of the T sure looks strange, huh? That may be the death knell here.

Or I suppose it could be a slash following the Best Regards —

The slash following the Best Regards? OK then. Upon further review, likely signed by Barbra.

"Best Regards -"

I think this is real

Also seen her add "Best -"

Thanks Posterguy, I appreciate your input. And thanks again, Joe

I've seen her sign "Best" and "Best wishes" although have not seen the "Best regards" before. 

I saw a few others with Best Regards online. Since the price was reasonable, I went ahead a snapped it up. Thank you very much for your input. Very very happy to add Barbra to my collection!

I think it's likely real.

Thank you, Steve. I appreciate your input.

You're welcome. It's not an easy one. When I first saw it I was concerned but I checked exemplars and it checked out to me.


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