Opinions Please! Eddie Collins, Connie Mack & Dizzy Dean

Hey guys. I am a long time collector and just joined the site. Looks great!

I have done some business with Pristine Auction and have been really happy. I have seen them discussed a couple times here. I have some questions about the vintage autographs below and need your help...

Eddie Collins

Connie Mack

Dizzy Dean:

Are they authentic? What is a good price for these? Any idea what grade these would get with BGS and is it worth getting them graded?

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can anyone help?
nobody has anything negative to say so they say nothing at all?
well I dont know much about baseball stars
Have psa quick opinion them. Your most likely driving the price up on yourself by asking here.
Thanks Anthony, I will do that. Everything I have purchased in the past from Pristine Auction has passed authentication without  a problem. Most items already come with third party authentication. I don't have any experience with grading autographs though. Do you know what these might grade and if it would increase their value?
Anthony's right...at $7.50 or so, a quick opinion is a good deal (do they charge more off eBay?).

Yeah Pristine has nice items. Im glad to hear you had success with them . Psa or Jsa adds great value and great piece of mind to your item  as well as some other authentication companies . But yes on occasion they do make mistakes . The best thing is to always do your own homework on the signatures you plan on buying . The quick opinion is always worth the money . What happens if you spend $600 to $900 on all three signatures , then you find out there all fake. If you got the quick opinion it would cost you $22.00 . I think psa will give you there honest opinion . I know you've read all the stories on the internet about the negative side of third party authentication . Most of them are just made up propagnada b.s. I wish I could help you with the authenticity of the signatures , and I have not seen anyone say anything negative on the other post you wrote. Another reason no one answered you authenticity is because of how rare and old the signatures are. If it was something modern you may have gotten a good response. I would assume they would get a great grade as they are nice signatures and the items seem well kept up .


It also doesnt help that a few mintues after your post went on this site. Another website was already bashing this site for not helping out right away . So people are scared that this is just another set up .

I hope this clears some things up for you .

"It also doesnt help that a few mintues after your post went on this site. Another website was already bashing this site for not helping out right away . So people are scared that this is just another set up ."

Anthony...within a few minutes, really? How funny.


I should say within a few min. of myself looking at both sites. I see this was posted at 4:09 am and the other was posted at 6:39 . I also dont know if both sites are on the same time zone and such . But regardless I saw there post .

ya mean that place is still operating... last I looked it was off the air again!  Anthony, stop hacking that site will ya....  Pristine Auctions, if you believe in ACE & PA COA's then go for it.
If you take a look at the Pristine auction site, you will see many, many items authenticated by both ACE and GAI.  I don't think this is a site I would risk giving my money to.

I guess I was under the impression (based off of what I have seen here) that this is a good place to post items for a free opinion. My point has been - after looking over these forums further - it seems like people only chime in when they have something negative to say.


I have heard some negative things about the PSA quick opinion and am not sure if it is worth the money?



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