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Hi everyone,

I bought this OZZIE SMITH bat from one of the most respected and oldest LCS in DFW. I don’t have a COA and want to sell it. But before I do, I feel I must be able to discern if this entire inscription and Auto are authentic from Ozzie Smith. I have a few concerns: the “blacking out” of the old inscription above the new one and the fact that this bat was only in use for about 2 years before Ozzie Smith retired. I also haven’t seen another one like it on the marketplace and I know forgers will take an expensive bat or rare one and make an autograph to claim it is 1 of 1 or whatever. Thank you a bunch! Here’s to hoping it’s real!

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Ozzie Smith doesn’t have a huge market to where forgers target him like they do other more desirable players.  The signature itself looks okay compared to other Oz signatures.  I think it’s genuine, however the quality is pretty poor - smudging/smearing, missing ink, etc.

It was probably inscribed “To _______” and they tried to black out the name to broaden the buyer pool.  If it’s made out to Tony, only people named Tony could enjoy the bat.

That’s what I thought as well. Thank you very much for your opinion. When I sell I disclose every defect an item has not only via pictures but in this particular case, in very descriptive writing. Thanks again



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