Attention all Ozzy fans, the legend himself will be signing in LA on Feb. 21 with his latest album. Head to the Amoeba website for more details. Depending on the event, they sometimes allow alternative items to be signed, even when they say no outside items, such as when Duran Duran did it.

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This album is a pleasant surprise.  It is clearly his farewell album, and the lyrics to “Ordinary Man” are incredibly sad.  Three of the four released songs are better than expected, and the fourth song is slowly growing on me.  How early do fans typically begin to line up on Sunset Boulevard for these signings?

they started getting there this morning.  Over 200 people in line right now.  I guess Ozzy bought all the fans pizza

That was nice of him.

No outside items what so ever and there is over 200 people in line as of 20 mins ago. 

If you're going to go, you should leave now

Those days ended for me in 1999 with The Phantom Menace.  I remember it being a lot of fun.  You can download the full album and listen to it while waiting on line.  It is already available.  Enjoy.

Who was signing for The Phantom Menace, just curious?

It was not an autograph signing.  We waited on line at the Ziegfeld Theatre for opening night tickets.

Yeah the Amoeba signings for the big names have people camping out and sadly tons of dealers pay people to wait while jumping in line once it gets closer.

This could very well be one of his final public signings and it is one of his last promotional events he is doing before seeking treatment.

This is the line currently (as of a few minutes ago and posted on Amoeba’s FB page). Last time Ozzy was here was a decade ago for “Scream” and the line was barely along the side (in the afternoon). My how the times have changed and good luck to everyone waiting. They’ve warned everyone not to join if you’re not there already as they already acknowledge more people have arrived than wristbands will be available when the store opens up. 

Did they tell you how many wristbands will be made available?  Also, when are fans expected to purchase the album?  They should let them know prior to purchasing the album whether or not they will also be able to receive an autograph.  Hopefully, there will still be limited-edition event posters available.  I am visiting my son in Sherman Oaks, and I was considering heading down this morning.  I changed my mind last night after reading IP’s replies.  I reserved a copy at a local record store instead.  Best of luck, John.  Please keep us posted.

Oh I’m not there. Just saw the post and figured I would warn others!

People weren’t supposed to lineup until 9am this morning, but people camped out, which almost always happens now. They’ve been told repeatedly and Amoeba warned people plenty of times on social media about it. Still I find it interesting what a health scare and a decade later does with fandom compared to his last Amoeba signing. 

It is also a great album.  It is very likely to be his last.



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