Attention all Ozzy fans, the legend himself will be signing in LA on Feb. 21 with his latest album. Head to the Amoeba website for more details. Depending on the event, they sometimes allow alternative items to be signed, even when they say no outside items, such as when Duran Duran did it.

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I just picked up my album.  The store owner told me that it was a good thing that I asked him to hold a copy for me because he sold out immediately.  Apparently, Amoeba Music sold out, and sent people to other stores in the area to purchase their copies for the autograph signing.  Can anyone confirm that this is true?  If so, it has the potential to be a disaster on Sunset Boulevard soon.

It sounds like approximately 600 items were signed yesterday.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Well done.

A friend told me he and his group of friends put in almost 20hrs all in just to meet Ozzy. Said it was crazy, but cool. The autographs though were all over the place was his complaint 

Good times.  I am sure that they had fun, and met some great people as well.

This was up for a total of three whole minutes on their website.

I noticed that the other day.  Apparently, less people are purchasing CDs than vinyl today.

A signed vinyl looks more impressive than a CD, in my opinion.

But if I don't have to commit 20 hours all said and done to meet the Ozzman, then a CD will certainly suffice. 

I agree, but it’s so tough trying to get signed vinyl in person or through an artist’s website consistently due to production delays/underestimating demand. The last three band signings I attended I was forced to get a CD instead because they were shortchanged by the record company or delayed the vinyl release (for unspecified reasons). 

Still that’s very cool they offered that option (even if it was for 3 minutes only)



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